Looking for relaxed and exciting moments, away from the daily hassle?

Want to see where did Samson fall in love with Delilah?
Where is the "Burma Road" which led to the relief of the siege on Jerusalem in 1948?

You can discover the answers to the above and to many other exciting revelations, by joining me – Arnon Nahmias – YOUR private Tour Guide in Israel and abroad.

In our modern world that is filled with endless pressure, tension and obligations, one needs to disconnect now and then, relax and recharge energies, in order to function at your best and enjoy life.

Trips and tours are an amazing vehicle to have fun and to achieve both physical fitness and mental health and balance.

After experiencing a special and unique day trip, you’ll go back to your daily routine, relaxed and energized.

I am a experienced licensed private tour guide. I will excite you, enrich you and help you to explore and enjoy a historical-geographical-traditional-heritage filled experience, anywhere and everywhere in Israel.

I started touring Israel since my early youth, independently as well as in organized frameworks, such as The Society for the Protection of Nature, the Absalom Institute, Wandering Clubs and more,

Along the years, I learned to see, feel and appreciate the beauty of the country, its diversity, colors, scents, fauna & flora and more. These wonderful impressions I intend to pass on to you when YOU will tour with me.   

“Noffim Tours” is offering a wide selection of year-round tours and trips, to all ages, all over the country, as well as tailor-made special nature activities.

I will be more than happy to plan, program and arrange YOUR tour and take care of all the necessary from a to z.